Caledonian Cabal Blurb

2 06 2014


You Are Hereby Notified To

Report for Training as a UME Marine

Almek Manning now captains the flagship of the Four Species Alliance. Although he has great officers and crew, the Sky Marshal refuses to let Almek get comfortable and is planning to reassign all of his officers to other commands.

Meanwhile, Almek is worried that no more time can be lost in convincing the Sky Marshal and Jack Dalton to help him rescue his friends who are still trapped in the London Proper Detention Facility, deep in the heart of UME territory.

However, there is still a war that must be waged on Mars and Earth to defeat the UME once and for all, and the Alliance must also remain vigilant of the threat posed by the Draconians and the Garm from the far reaches of space.




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