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A native Texan, I started writing stories at age twelve and have continued to love creative writing. I attended Richland Collegiate High School and earned an associate’s degree in general science in parallel with a high school diploma. I’ve been reading science fiction ever since being introduced to Robert Heinlein’s classic military sci-fi book, Starship Troopers, at age 10. Personal interests have included scouting (Eagle Scout) and Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt).

I just recently published a science fiction novel The Zochtil, which is the first book in the Almek Manning Series. Four more books are planned in this series, with the next book being Starwarden.

I hope you enjoy The Zochtil!

Feel free to contact me at almekmanning@gmail.com


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27 02 2015
Thom Seeber

I have just finished book 4, Asgard. It left me with the impression that the story line will continue. Is this the case? If so, when will the next episode be released, and how many more episodes do you imagine down the road?

Even though the series is listed to have been intended for the younger audience, I found your storyline outstanding, your writing style captivating, and the editing to be withheld very few errors. I have enjoyed the past 3 days that it has taken me to begin and finish the current series of 4 books. I do hope you have intent to continue the series so that we can learn how the storyline will progress.

Once again, excellent work, and please keep them coming!

-Thom Seeber

28 02 2015

Howdy! I’m glad to hear you liked my books so much. If you wouldn’t mind just spending a couple minutes to write a review or two that would be immensely helpful!

Now to answer your questions… The Almek Manning Series is a five book series. So there is only one book left. I’m in the process of writing it now, so I don’t have an exact date yet, but I will publish it this year.

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