Asgard: Almek Manning Book 4

22 09 2014

Here is the cover art for the fourth book in the Almek Manning Series, Asgard!
I don’t have an expected publication date yet, and I’m not going to give one until I actually know the month the book will get published. I’ll just say that I am hard at work getting the Asgard through the editing process.

Asgard: Almek Manning Book 4

Asgard: Almek Manning Book 4


It’s Live!

13 06 2014

The Caledonian Cabal, third book in the Almek Manning Series, is for sale!

Check it out here at amazon.

Caledonian Cabal Blurb

2 06 2014


You Are Hereby Notified To

Report for Training as a UME Marine

Almek Manning now captains the flagship of the Four Species Alliance. Although he has great officers and crew, the Sky Marshal refuses to let Almek get comfortable and is planning to reassign all of his officers to other commands.

Meanwhile, Almek is worried that no more time can be lost in convincing the Sky Marshal and Jack Dalton to help him rescue his friends who are still trapped in the London Proper Detention Facility, deep in the heart of UME territory.

However, there is still a war that must be waged on Mars and Earth to defeat the UME once and for all, and the Alliance must also remain vigilant of the threat posed by the Draconians and the Garm from the far reaches of space.

Quick Update on Caledonian Cabal

12 04 2014

Howdy Everyone!

I have finished the final edit!!! So I’m currently working on the blurb with my editor. (It’s always been hard for me to compress my 55,000 word novels into a couple hundred word blurb that doesn’t give anything away.) Then I’ll send it off the my graphic designer to have it added to the book cover. So things are progressing well! Still no solid date yet. I’m hoping for late April or early May though.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hot Jets!

J.A. Dalley

Editing Caledonian Cabal

26 03 2014

It’s been way too long since my last update, but editing is going great. I’m on the final edit and should be done editing by the end of the month. From there I have to get the file in the proper format for ebooks and for paperback. So I’ll keep y’all updated on the release date, but until then I hope you enjoy the first of chapter, where you’ll meet a new character (and she’s one of my favorite characters) Shey Hunter.

It’s Been Awhile!

24 09 2013

Hey everyone! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I just want to give everyone a quick update.

What have I been working on for so long?

I’m in the middle of doing two things right now, I’m finishing the editing for Caledonian Cabal (I’m on the final round of editing!) I’m also working on polishing up the fourth book in the Almek Manning Series so that I can get that to my editor soon, too. 

I don’t have a firm deadline for the release of Caledonian Cabal, but I’ll keep you posted…

Until then Hot Jets!

J.A. Dalley

Things are Looking Great!

18 01 2013

So the Zochtil is currently #25 in Best Selling Military Sci-Fi while being #3,998 over all kindle books.

Starwarden is doing great to at #39 in Best Selling Mil Sci-Fi and #5,889 over all.

It has now been a month since I published Starwarden and I’ve got to say it has been the best month of my life. It has been amazing to watch the sales climb up and up. I have now sold almost 1,000 copies of my books. I’ve even got a few more reviews.

I would love to hear from those who’ve read my books, so please feel free to email me at I would love to hear from y’all!

Zochtil makes it to Best Selling Military Sci-Fi

20 12 2012

The Zochtil just got to #99 in best selling military science fiction! This is an awesome day! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Starwarden eBook Released! And New Landmark for the Zochtil!

19 12 2012

Book two in the Almek Manning series was published yesterday, and is now available for purchase at and Still waiting on the other sites though.

Though I’ve only sold a one copy of Starwarden so far sales for the Zochtil have jumped. The Zochtil is currently at 96,527th place in best selling eBooks on amazon. I’ve made it above 100,000! I just hope that it’ll stay there.

Let me Sign your eBook through

18 12 2012

Howdy Guys!

I just discovered this great site authorgraph where authors can “sign” you eBook editions of our books. So if you are interested please send a request to me through the link here.

Hope to be signing your eBooks soon!